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If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or would like to receive additional information about the Houghton County Road Commission, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

General Contact

Houghton County Road Commission
20140 Gagnon Circle
P.O. Box 269
Hancock, MI 49930

906.482.3600 [Phone]
906.482.9600 [FAX]

Additional Phone Contacts

Board of Road Commissioners 906.482.3600
Kevin P. Harju, County Engineer 906.482.3600
Rob Tarvis, Accountant 906.482.3600
John Cima, Assistant Engineer 906.482.3600
Brandon Jurmu, Surveyor 906.482.3600
Ray Saatio, Superintendent 906.482.3600
Brian Julio, Shop Foreman 906.482.3460
Michael Keranen, Parts/Stock/Safety Mgr. 906.482.3460
Weld Shop 906.482-3460
Alston Garage (non-emergency) 906.338.2665
Calumet Garage (non-emergency) 906.337.2602
Elo Garage (non-emergency) 906.334.2671
Kenton Garage (non-emergency) 906.852.3588
Bill Siler 906.482.8517
Ken Rowe 906.337.1186
Gene Londo 906.337.3770

After hours: For non-emergencies, please leave a message at appropriate extension.
For emergencies, please call 911

Email Contacts

Kevin P. Harju, Engineer kevin@houghtonroads.org
John Cima, Assistant Engineer john@houghtonroads.org
Lori Budweg, Payroll Clerk lori@houghtonroads.org
Rob Tarvis, Office Manager rob@houghtonroads.org
Brandon Jurmu brandon@houghtonroads.org
Mike Keranen mike@houghtonroads.org
Ray Saatio ray@houghtonroads.org



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Posted October 1, 2019

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Surplus Equipment Bid Notice

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Flood Recovery Update


FLOOD 2018



Upper Point Mills Road Closure




20140 Gagnon Circle
P.O. Box 269
Hancock, Michigan 49930

T (906) 482-3600
F (906) 482-9600

The Houghton County Road Commission is dedicated to providing a county road system that is safe and convenient for public travel while practicing sound financial management, respect for the environment, and sensitivity to community concerns.

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