Houghton County Road Commission
We have 20 sander/plow trucks used year around for hauling/plowing which cost approximately $467,000 each at today’s cost.

The Houghton County Road Commission will stock, resell and install new culverts for driveway use on Houghton County Road right-of-ways according to the following guidelines:

  1. The culverts will be resold at a prevailing list price plus all sales taxes.

  2. The payment for all such sales will be made in advance.

  3. The Houghton County Road Commission will provide, for culverts so purchased, and at no cost to the owner, the following items for driveway installations to be performed on county right-of-ways only:

    1. Labor

    2. Equipment

    3. Suitable backfill

    4. Up to 3 cu. yds. gravel, if required and so determined by the engineer, for use on right-of-way only.

  4. The lengths of culvert to be installed at no cost will be a minimum of 20 feet long for up to 1 foot cover and up to 30 feet for deeper installations using a maximum sideslope of 1:2.

  5. For driveways requiring longer culverts or more than one installation per owner, a nominal cost per foot, as determined by the Engineer, will be charged for material and installation of same.

  6. For driveway surfaces wider than 16 feet, a nominal cost per cu. yd. of gravel, if required, and as determined by the engineer, will be charged for material and installation of same.

  7. The size and materials of culverts required will be determined by the engineer and will be calculated according to acceptable engineering standards, but in no case will the size be less than 15 inches in diameter.

  8. No final handwork or special culvert end section treatment is included in this installation policy.

  9. This policy is subject to the availability of materials, labor and equipment of the Houghton County Road Commission and in all cases a minimum of two weeks will be required for project scheduling.

Rev. 05/14/90