Houghton County Road Commission
We have 20 sander/plow trucks used year around for hauling/plowing which cost approximately $467,000 each at today’s cost.

Damaged Mailbox

Mailbox Installation


On paved or gravel roads, the roadside face of the box must be no closer than the edge of the shoulder. (Fig. 1)

On curbed streets, the roadside face of the box must be no closer than the back of the curb. (Fig. 2)

For installations of 3 or more mailboxes, the faces of the boxes shall be no closer than 10 feet from the travelled lane, and constructed on a turnout so that the carrier is parked off the road when delivering.(Fig. 3)

When a mailbox is located at an intersection, the box must be a minimum of

150 feet beyond the center of the intersection in the direction of the postal route. (Fig. 4)


Mailboxes must be constructed of sheet metal, plastic or similar weight materials, with weight not to exceed 11 lbs.

No more than two mailboxes can be mounted on a single support structure.

Multiple installations must meet the same criteria as single mailbox installations.

A single 4 x 4 inch square or 4 inch diameter wooden post, or light gage pipe with a strength no greater than 2 inch standard steel pipe must be embedded no more than 24 inches in the ground. (Fig. 5)

THE BEST INSTALLATION FOR OUR SNOW COUNTRY IS THE CANTILEVERED POST. In most cases it can save you shoveling by allowing a snow wing to travel closer to or under your box. (Fig. 6)

The mailbox and its support will be considered hazardous to motorists when traffic speed limits are greater than 25 mph and the box and the support exceed the described structural limitations or the box is installed too close to the roadway.