Houghton County Road Commission
We have 20 sander/plow trucks used year around for hauling/plowing which cost approximately $467,000 each at today’s cost.

Attention Property Owners

Property owners piling snow high along roadways and shoulders or pushing it to opposite side of the street can cause hazardous conditions for motorists, and the Houghton County Road Commission warns that it's also against the law. The Houghton County Road Commission has received numerous complaints of snow being pushed out into roadways and shoulders in Houghton County.

This practice causes hazardous driving conditions for motorists by narrowing the roadway, reducing visibility and building drifts at certain locations.

It also causes an unsuspecting plow or grader driver to swing out into oncoming traffic; and has even broken axles and wing assemblies on our vehicles.

Violators leave themselves open to fines and lawsuits for public liability and property damage.

All property owners and persons hired to remove snow are responsible for maintaining safe traffic conditions and preventing careless snow-removal techniques.